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Anonymous said: Are you going to nanning for worlds?

I was going to but it’s not gonna work out so I’m planning on Glasgow instead. Basically my flight got changed so I wouldn’t get in until Sunday on October 4 I believe? Whatever the qual Sunday is, and I’d miss everything up to the qualification session the US girls are in. I think I’d land like right when that ends. So then basically I’d see a couple qual subdivisions, team/AA finals, and event finals day one because I’d have to fly back on the last Sunday morning to get back to work in time on Monday. So I’d be in China less than a week and would miss two competition days. Instead I’m going to San Diego/Palm Springs for the week so I can just watch everything on my computer from a sunny, warm beach/desert and I bet my coverage will be better than it would be if I was there. I’ll miss interviews which is the number one thing I’m annoyed at but I mean really how many times do I need to hear the U.S. girls say “I’m just so happy I went four for four and proud to represent Team USA?”

newtonthinksimattractive said: What was the issue with Aly saying she was going clubbing after the wag stuff was done, she was no longer competing and she was over 18 so she was allowed to go in the uk. I would see the issue if it was any of the other girls but not with her

Yeah, I didn’t see an issue with it. I think the press got excited because it’s like OMG LITTLE GIRL GYMNAST GOING CLUBBING GIRLS ARE SLUTS!!! because that’s the mainstream media for you. IIRC the only press that cared was like Jezebel or Buzzfeed.

Anonymous said: wait so that screenshot of Aly saying about clubbing was real? OMG I ALWAYS THOUHGT IT WAS FAKE

Nope, real!

Anonymous said: Will your documentary be similar to the Aly Raisman documentary?

Similar in the sense that it will follow their journey but different in the sense that it will be focused more on gymnastics and the process they go through with training, recruitment for NCAA, getting international assignments, etc. I feel like that documentary showed very little of her in the gym and that’s our focus.


lovingymnastics said: Hey how does Martha decide in just 2 days whom to include on the team?

She doesn’t…she’s been deciding all year. She basically has the team set in her mind after nationals but uses the camp because she wants to make sure everyone’s still in shape close to Worlds as opposed to naming who she wants in August and then having to make changes if girls get injured or suddenly can’t hit skills. I think who she wants very rarely changes because she’s watching them all year and who goes to Worlds is based more on Pan Ams/nationals/classics/earlier comps this year than it is on one selection camp.


I WISH. We have to check with her about a few things but we already got the okay from the WAG program. She just has to know what’s going on I guess.

Anonymous said: Why isn't the announcement about the documentary up on The Gymternet anymore?

We had to take it down for a couple of days because MARTA HAS TO APPROVE SOME THINGS AND CAN’T UNITL AFTER THE TEAM IS PICKED LOL. We’re still a go but we have to WAIT FOR MARTA.

Planning to hopefully go to Jesolo and HOW AMAZING WOULD THIS TRIP BE

Anonymous said: What are the top 5 worst gymnastics-related mistakes in Make It or Break It? In general, or specifically?

I didn’t watch most of this show…just a few season 1 eps. But off the top of my head…almost every single time they said they were gonna do a skill it was wrong, like if someone was like I HAVE THE BEST NEW VAULT IN TOWN she’d do like a laid-out Yurchenko. OOOOH WOWSERS. It wasn’t so much mistakes but more about everything just being super unrealistic, like almost all major contenders all went to the same gym, all of the things they had to dramatize for TV, etc.