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  • anon8mous said: Your handwriting is too bubbly ;) I can easily fit at least 20 words in one of your line. haha.

That piece of paper is 3 inches wide, not 8.5.

I’m basically gonna try this case tbh
  • ppoison said: spiridonova probably. i think Kramarenko did bars too in pt

Thanks, for some reason I kept seeing Musty and Nabs over and over and couldn’t remember anyone else!

I’m blanking - who did podium training on UB for Russia? Mustafina, Nabieva, and…

Also, they only did three girls on most events, right? Are they just gonna hope for the best for qualifications?

Anonymous said: do you know when the alternate will be announced?

Probably by Friday? I think Friday was the deadline. But I don’t remember.

Anonymous said: What do you think is wrong with Kyla, anything we should be concerned about? Her hip/leg was all taped up and she didn't look quite as sharp :(

No idea, I haven’t watched podium training yet

Anonymous said: So the Stuttgart and Glasgow meets aren't on the USAG calendar for 2014 like they have been in the past...

It’s possible they’re just not sending anyone. They only started doing that in 2012 for Ebee anyway…not like it was a long standing tradition.

  • brichardson84 said: You can be a patent agent w/o law school. Just have to take the patent bar.

Ooh, that’s awesome! That could be cool.

Anonymous said: Is the alternate allowed to take part in podium training? Thank you!!


Anonymous said: So do we know if Tan Jiaxin has her Amanar for worlds?

I’m not sure…I haven’t been able to watch podium training yet.